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Since 2008 there has been a significant increase in rhino poaching across Africa and Asia, catastrophically reaching a point where an average of three rhinoceros are killed every day to support the black market for rhino horn. 

Typically the source of the demand stems from communities in Vietnam and China who use the horn grounded in drinks as a hangover cure, cure for fevers, to increase their virility, carved into corporate gifts or as a token of the owners status in society. 

Regrettably the boundaries to protect the rhino in Africa are significantly weak.  High unemployment rates in South Africa and high levels of corruption between Africa and Asia make it easy for poachers to be bought and for the horn to be smuggled out of the country. 

Conservationists are making headway and for the first time, poaching rates are falling.  Rhino are being periodically moved from high risk poaching areas to low risk areas.  Security and surveillance has increased, DNA samples are being taken and kept, campaigns are running throughout Vietnam and China, local communities surrounding African game reserves are being educated, campaigns are running throughout Vietnam and China and in many cases whole populations of rhino are having their horns trimmed with the help of vets.  When all the measures are put in place and working together the risks to the poachers are increased.

Herd of Ubuntu have committed to helping one population of rhino with their dehorning process and portions of the profits from all products bought on this website will contribute to this cause.  

Watch Will Clothier's short video on rhino dehorning at Phinda Private Game Reserve