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This satchel has got your back.

Designed to save parents time and effort, it can also be used every day as a messenger bag.

The bag includes three large compartments, a small internal pocket and a large external zip-close pocket.

It also features three removable leather straps. One long, adjustable strap so that the bag can be worn over the shoulder. And two short, adjustable loops allowing the bag to be attached to the handles of your pram, stroller or buggy.

The bag has been designed to allow the wearer to transition throughout the needs of your day. If you are out walking with the baby in a baby carrier, wear the satchel over your shoulder. If you’ve taken the pram out, attach the bag to the handles. If your other half doesn’t want to lug a giant nappy bag around, hand them this satchel. If you don’t have kids but just want a satchel handmade from incredibly soft South African wax coated leather, click ‘add to cart’.

Hopefully this bag saves you time, alleviates some of the mental load, takes care of you and looks incredible as it does so.

(and I know all you parents are functioning on eight or more hours of sleep each night and you’ve got your stuff together and are completely clear-headed so it doesn’t need to be said, but please be aware that overloading the satchel might result in your pram tipping backwards).